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ALT Hotel

We’ve been noticing the progress of the ALT Hotel, as it has been built up over the past year near Pearson Airport, and anxiously awaited it’s grand opening.

Opening this November, we took the opportunity to stay at the hotel within it’s first month to see what all the fuss was about.

Expectations: exceeded.

ALT Hotel is accessible by the Pearson skytrain, so you don’t have to wait in the cold for an airport shuttle. It stands out from the other countless airport hotels in that it is unique and modern.

Forget about the standard bed, monotonous wallpaper and stark bathrooms–we introduce to you an ALTernative way of spending the night.

The beds themselves are the most comfortable beds we have tested in all of Toronto.

They are the perfect combination of foam and feather with the ability to knock you out for three days straight. But don’t fear, your iPhone dock radio alarm will wake you up in time!

An iHome docking station sat beside the bed for charging use and the option to personal music. A connection system is roosted beneath the television for easy access to files on your laptop or external drives.

The bathrooms are ultra chic with a peek-a-boo shower that features a glass wall into the bedroom area. Don’t shower in boredom, watch a little Breakfast Television as you get ready for your day.

Complete with luxurious Argan oil products, the facilities are among the best in the city.

ALT uses geothermal energy in powering their environment along with other measures to retain heat, such as thermal windows with low emission rates, ventilation exhaust and water used in commercial washers.

ALT features energy efficient and remote lighting in the room and sensored lights in the hallways. All products in the room can be reused, refilled or recycled, and each room holds a recycling bin. Talk about an environmentally friendly hotel!

The rest of the hotel doesn’t stray from the modern theme, with beautiful art and design in every room. Take a snack or drink at the dining area, or relax in the front room. Play games in the back or become immersed in social media at the #ALTExpo Instagram wall.

Prior to opening the hotel, the public had been asked to submit their favourite photos of different colours, via ALT’s social media pages. A different colour was provided each day during the month, and one winner was selected each day (thereby winning a weekend at the hotel).

In the end there were hundreds of photographs and they were all arranged in a beautifully shaded mosaic in the lobby. Among the small squares, larger plaques feature the winning photographs. Even more unique are the small screens which are placed along the centre of the wall. Each screen holds a pattern of photos that seem to pop up at random, but are actually generated by Instagram.

Instagram users can use the hashtag #ALTexpo on any photo that they upload to instagram, and it will appear on this very wall within 3 seconds. 3 seconds! We thought it was so cool, that we just had to try it out for ourselves. We utilized the hashtag and waited… It worked! Our photo appeared right in front of our eyes and we were blown away at the intricate social media genius on such stunning art-piece.

Not only is ALT the obvious choice for airport hotel accommodation, but we say that it’s even worth the trip all the way out from downtown. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourselves at $149 per night.




After the holidays come the 99 days of ALT!

The new no frills-chic ALT Hotel Toronto Pearson is starting the New Year off with 99 days of ALTernative hospitality for $99. That is a 30% discount on the standard daily rate of $149 for anyone traveling between January 1st and April 9th.

What better way to start a winter vacation than a good night’s sleep in an ultra-comfy bed that is a mere seconds away from Pearson International Airport’s terminals? Need to park while on vacation? Stay one night and park inside the economy parking lot for 8 days for $169 or stay one night and park for 15 days for $239! Take the quick LINK train to shuttle, free of charge, between the parking lot, airport and our hotel.

I Heart TO Reader PERK

Simply mention this blog post when making your reservation and you will also receive a $10 voucher to use toward any of the fresh and healthy items in the hotel’s ALTcetera menu, items such as delicious freshly baked croissants in the morning, the most flavourful gazpacho North of the 401 or, my the curry & coconut milk chicken.

Reservations can be made over the phone at 1.855.855.6080 or enter promo code BLOGPERK when reserving online at althotels.ca.







Author:Seattle Dredge

Seattle Dredge is not only the owner of I heart Toronto, but the owner of Seattle's Travels at www.seattlestravels.com. Seattle is a resident Torontonian that also spends a great deal of her time exploring the world. Seattle loves to try out different Toronto restaurants, photograph the city, and act like a tourist in her own town.

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  1. Alex
    May 8, 2013 at 4:25 am #

    ALT hotel is one of the best hotel. I would like to stay again because of their excellent services. It is near to Pearson Airport. Management of Hotel is very Cooperative with customers and facilitate each and every customer. I recommend to my friends, family, and relatives and all out their always choose ALT Hotel for their stay.

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