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The Gladstone Hotel

A night at the Gladstone Hotel, in Toronto, is like a night of dress-up and fun. No two rooms are alike, and each one is more unique than the last. Sleeping in a themed room makes you feel nostalgic of your childhood, yet intrigued by what the hotel has to offer.

Depending on what room you end up in, you might be in a different kind of mood. For example, staying in the travel themed room might inspire you to pack your bags and hit the road. You might feel like a wandering nomad that has ended up in Toronto, Canada, and ready to explore the city. You might feel tired from the travels, and simply want to try out the large fluffy white bed in the corner. The room is full of possibilities.


The decor tof this particular room is actually worth noting. There is a large stack of antique suitcases in the far corner, beside a large floor to ceiling window that leads out to a terrace. These suitcases, however, are not just for show. They house a flat screen television, as well as a DVD player and are revealed by swinging open two hidden cupboards.

The patterns on the lampshades are curtains are those of maps, postage stamps and other Toronto themed images.

A handful of old handwritten postcards hangs of a rack in the bathroom, which you can read through at your leisure. Each one is from a different location, with a different message.

An antique radio plays audio postcards of previous guests of the hotel, but you can also plus your iPhone into the radio jack.

Square mirrors adorn the walls, and the overall theme is that of modernity mixed with tradition and travel. It’s a beautiful room, and one of the best in the Gladstone Hotel.

Don’t forget to explore the rest of the hotel. To get to your room, you should take the fully restored hand-operated Victorian elevator from 1904, (one of the last in Toronto!). This will also provide access to the main floor where you can eat at one of the restaurants/bars, or simply relax in one of the many seating areas.

*Cool tip* — Forgot your laptop? Rent out an iPad from the front desk to get your internet needs! This is one of the coolest hotel features that I’ve ever seen, and think that more hotels should do this.

The Gladstone houses 37 unique art designed rooms. I would highly recommend not only the Gladstone Hotel, but this particular room to any traveler coming to Toronto.

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Author:Seattle Dredge

Seattle Dredge is not only the owner of I heart Toronto, but the owner of Seattle's Travels at www.seattlestravels.com. Seattle is a resident Torontonian that also spends a great deal of her time exploring the world. Seattle loves to try out different Toronto restaurants, photograph the city, and act like a tourist in her own town.

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